Hvala Monika! Dobar dan svima.

Thank you very much for inviting me to be with you here today. I understand that this is the first of three conferences, and I can see that you are off to a great start. In my job, I often meet with politicians and business leaders, but my favorite group is you – the generation of young leaders that is already leading the way for other young people in your activism and tenacity.

It gives me great hope to talk with young people who understand how important it is to be engaged not only in developing their scientific expertise but also in uniting the youth of Bosnia and Herzegovina through shared interests and based on principles of tolerance, trust-building, and working together across ethnic lines.

The United States Government is investing millions of dollars annually in your country to support the development of STEM curriculum, 21st century skills, and a business climate that will lead young people to stay and prosper in BiH.

The future of this country, and for each of you, depends upon your willingness to value each other as human beings — regardless of ethnicity, gender or other differences. We hope that you will continue to work jointly for a promising future.

I hope your time here is both productive and enjoyable!