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Ambassador Nelson and Filippo Tattoni-Marcozzi support “Race for the Cure”

September 25, 2020

Dobar dan svima!

Its a pleasure to greet everyone participating today in Race for the Cure 2020.

I remember fondly a beautiful sunny Sunday last year when we were together for Race for the Cure 2019.

And I regret we are not together today in person.

The US Embassy has been supporting Race for the Cure for five years because we believe it is important to bring people together around a common cause and create a sense of community and support.

Zajedno smo jači!

Both of us have joined virtual teams and like many of you today have planned to spend the day out – walking, running and racing for the cure.

Unfortunately, we recently came in contact with somebody who tested positive to COVID 19 and, therefore, we are in quarantine.

We take quarantine very seriously considering how important it is to safeguard the health of every BiH citizen, and especially the most vulnerable, like all the cancer survivors.

But let us give a big shout out to our teams – mine – Go Team Kaftan.


I salute Team US Embassy and we wish everyone well – the scores of teams and the thousands of participants joining Race for the Cure today.

Čuvajte se!

Stay well!

Hvala svima!