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Ambassador Nelson’s message regarding TIMSS assessments in BiH

December 7, 2020


Good afternoon to students, parents, educators, and education officials across BiH.

There is a direct correlation between the success of a country and the quality of its education system.  Every country including BiH is facing an increasingly complex world and it is important for education systems to continuously adapt and improve so that the next generation will be equipped with the functional knowledge required to compete in a rapidly changing world.

We now have an opportunity to see just how well education systems in BiH are preparing your students in the areas of math and science.  Last year five thousand 4th graders across the country took the TIMSS test – an international test of math and science – and the results from that test will be released tomorrow.

As with any large-scale assessment, there will be good news and bad news.  These international tests should not lead to the pointing of fingers or the politicization of the results.  Instead, this is a great opportunity for BiH to move forward with the changes needed to meet the needs of your youth.  It is an opportunity for BiH institutions at all levels to take ownership of the process that ensures continuous participation in these international tests.  It is an exciting opportunity for you to make your education system into what it needs to be, based on real data.

Education reform based on that data is the surest way to give the youth of BiH the education that will prepare them to lead this country into a better future.   Tomorrow, let’s all see what TIMSS has to tell us about where education is working and where there is work to be done.

The U.S. Government is your partner in helping you make the education system work for the future of BiH.