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BiH Heroes of the Month Nominees for September
Nada Golubović, Gorica Ivić, Amela Bašić Tomić and Aleksandra Petrić
September 20, 2022

Four women

We are proud to name the leadership of United Women Banja Luka as the U.S. Embassy’s Heroes of the Month.  We salute the bravery of Aleksandra, Amela, Gorica, and Nada in pushing for the criminalization of domestic violence and supporting women and children in life threatening situations.  Their work has made the world safer and ensured women across the region have better access to critical social services.

Steering Board President – Nada Golubović

Nada GolubovićNada Golubović is a founder and current president of the Management Steering Board of the United Women Banja Luka.  She is a well-known women’s rights and peace activist committed to the protection of women’s rights, the prevention and combating of violence against women, and the strengthening of women’s political participation in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region.  She is currently a member of Civil Society Organization Advisory Board of the BiH Council of Ministers.



Executive Director of United Women – Gorica Ivić

Gorica IvićGorica Ivić is currently the Executive Director of United Women Banja Luka, a social worker, and project coordinator on programs for prevention and combating gender-based violence.  Through her extensive work in the organization’s safe house, she has direct experience working with victims of gender-based violence.  She regularly participants in educational seminars and round tables aimed at strengthening multi-sector cooperation and improving the approach to working with victims of gender-based violence.  She is the author, co-author, and editor of many research publications and toolkits on the subject of gender-based violence, including sexual violence and peace building.


Manager of the Safe House in Banja Luka – Amela Bašić Tomić

Amela Bašić TomićAmela Bašić Tomić is the Manager of the Safe House in Banja Luka, a psychologist and member of United Women team since 2005.  She works directly with victims of domestic violence through individual and group work.  She is a trainer for individuals and institutions on the topics of the gender-based violence and women human rights and an active participant in initiatives to raise public awareness.  Ms. Tomic is a member of the Council for Combating Gender-Based Violence at the Ministry of Family, Youth and Sports of the RS and serves on the Supervisory Board of the Society of Psychologists of the RS.


Program Director – Aleksandra Petrić   

Aleksandra PetrićAleksandra Petrić has been active with the United Women Banja Luka since 2003 and currently serves as the Program Director.  She is a women’s rights activist with 25 years of experience as a consultant, policy analyst and researcher for civil society organizations and international organizations in the Western Balkan region with extensive experience in coordinating and managing youth and gender equality projects.  Her specialties include, women’s human rights, gender equality, gender-based discrimination and violence, development of public policies related to human rights issues, gender analysis and research, mentoring, capacity building, political participation, and strategic planning.  Ms. Petric is a graduate of the Banja Luka Faculty of Law and holds a master’s degree in International Human Rights from the Josef Korbel School of International Studies, University of Denver.  She is a current member of the Board of Directors and Vice President of the Assembly of the Public Health Association of RS.