The Challenge: Choose the Cause, Be the Effect

The Challenge:  Choose the Cause, Be the Effect is a campaign that encourages people of Bosnia and Herzegovina, especially its youth, to spread the culture of solidarity, caring and to engage in community service projects by donating their time/resources/knowledge to the benefit of their communities  by doing special projects which range from environmental clean-up,  helping  vulnerable population, mentoring, reading, providing free cultural and artistic performances, or just giving a helping hand in making a community  better.   Celebrating 20 years of peace in BiH, we aim to get 20,000 volunteers engaged in community service from January 19 to November 21, 2015.  The US Embassy will acknowledge all groups and hold a mid-term and a final party to acknowledge the distinguished volunteers, NVO/informal group/schools and/or organizations.  Information about the challenge will be posted on the wall of Izazov facebook group, while summary information will be posted on US Embassy FB and web-page.

  • Step #1 Participation is free.  Register your NVO/informal group/school or institution online at  and become member of the facebook group Izazov: Izaberi zadatak, budi promjena
  • Step #2 Select one time or year-long participation – (optional)
  • Step #3 Kick off the Challenge at your NGO/informal group/school or organization and encourage your volunteers to act outside of the activities that receive financial support. Submit you application on the official form thru May 31, 2015 for mid-term review.
  • Step #4 Select a volunteer winners for your NGO by May 31, 2015 for mid-year review or October 15 for end-of year review.

Chalenge yourself and others to do good.
Register and accept the Challenge.

Each NGO/informal group/school or institution will receive the following:

  • Name listed as Champions in our partner name list
  • A Certificate of appreciation
  • Your NGO/informal group/school or organization will be thanked at the party
  • All volunteer winners will be invited to participate at either midterm or the final party organized by the U.S. Embassy.

For more information please contact