Defense Review Decision

The Embassies of the United States of America and the United Kingdom, and NATO Headquarters Sarajevo welcome the decision by the BiH Presidency to issue clear direction to the Ministry of Defense to complete BiH’s Defense Review.  The completed Review will define the Armed Forces’ size and capability, frame modernization plans, and identify resources required to successfully execute a full range of missions.  The Review will also ensure that BiH has appropriate, fiscally sustainable forces.

Completing the Review is an important NATO Partnership Goal, and we commend BiH’s efforts in this area.  While the Review does not replace the Tallinn Condition or activate MAP, it is important and clearly demonstrates BiH’s willingness to tackle difficult issues and reach consensus.

The Ministry of Defense must now move quickly to finalize the Defense Review, and continue the reforms necessary for modernization, capability development, and its path towards NATO.

We support BiH’s continued progress towards the NATO path, one that offers a proven collective security guarantee and inclusion in the strongest international collective security organization.