U.S. Embassy Sarajevo

The American Embassy in Bosnia and Herzegovina protects and promotes American interests and develops relations with Bosnia and Herzegovina through contacts with B&H government, business, labor, agriculture, media and education leaders.

Led by the United States Ambassador, the Embassy team:

  • Explains and advocates the position of the United States Government on bilateral and multi-lateral political, economic, social, and scientific issues.
  • Reports to the United States Government positions taken in Bosnia and Herzegovina on issues of interest to it.
  • Carries out a wide-ranging assistance program designed to help promote democracy and a strong market economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • Supports Bosnia’s efforts to develop a robust, job-creating economy that produces sustained GDP growth;
  • Strengthens Bosnia’s judicial and law enforcement capacities, particularly to combat corruption, trafficking in persons, and organized crime;
  • Provides protection and documentary services to United States citizens and visa and other documentary services to foreign nationals.
  • Facilitates cultural and educational exchange between the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Maintains contact between the B&H military services and their United States counterparts and facilitates cooperative activities in the region.
  • Areas of particular interest shared by both countries include development of democracy, strong market economies and the creation of a strong security framework and institutions in Europe.

The United States supports Bosnia’s NATO and EU membership aspirations and actively encourages the government to implement reforms required to meet Euro-Atlantic institution standards.