#MyHometownMyBiH Video Competition Winners Announced

Our #MyHometownMyBiH video competition asked high school students to submit videos about the special things in their hometowns, from nature, to food, to culture.  We asked and they answered, with beautiful videos from every corner of Bosnia and Herzegovina!  Check out their amazing work below and please join us in congratulating Sejo Ivkovic (Jablanica), Adel Niksic (Sarajevo), Ammar Kahrimanovic (Zenica), Zarko Plaic (Banja Luka), Aida Kaukovivc (Bosanska Krupa), Aleksa Acimovic (Trebinje), Mladen Milic (Sekovici), Zeljko Lucic (Bijeljina), Selma Catic (Tuzla), and Amra Seferovic (Travnik)!

Sejo Ivkovic – Jablanica

Adel Niksic – Sarajevo

Ammar Kahrimanovic – Zenica 

Zarko Plaic – Banja Luka

Aida Kaukovic – Bosanska Krupa

Aleksa Acimovic – Trebinje

Mladen Milic – Sekovici

Zeljko Lucic – Bijeljina

Selma Catic – Tuzla

Azra Seferovic – Travnik