Remarks at Brod High School Inauguration Ceremony

It is a pleasure for me to be standing inside/in front-of a high school named after someone who was so important to both U.S. history and your history, Nikola Tesla. In my travels I have seen numerous schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina that carry Nikola Tesla’s name, a name that connects our two peoples. He was a man of science and knowledge who proved that genius can arise anywhere. He could not have reached his potential without education, and the importance of education is a value we all share. One of you students here may become the world’s next great scientist, and we want you to succeed. That is why we invest in schools like Nikola Tesla — so that the genius of our children can flourish and brighten the world.


Today is Nikola Tesla’s turn to bring two flags together: those of the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our flags stand emblazoned on the plaque outside this school, showing our shared commitment to making our children’s future better. Our flags stand together as we stand together to build a peaceful and prosperous Bosnia and Herzegovina