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Remarks at Eco Challenge FB Event “Make Your Country Even More Beautiful”

October 9, 2020

On behalf of the US Embassy, it’s a pleasure to salute everyone participating in Eco-Challenge this year.

The U.S. Embassy is proud to have the NGO, Ruke, as our partner in this effort. They have done an excellent job of providing a platform for 134 teams and over 5,000 volunteers so far, who are making BiH more beautiful. And you, the volunteers across the country, have done it all without compensation and in spite of the pandemic.

Local groups have gathered people to clean up lakeshores, host educational workshops, and other ways of restoring our environment. Participants are showing what a difference can be made when people demonstrate leadership to protect and preserve the natural beauty of this country.

The Eco-Challenge is not over yet! It has been extended for another year! Members of our own Embassy community have participated in some of the cleanups and we have donated some trees for planting. We invite NGOs and companies to also join the effort, and all levels of government to support eco-friendly businesses and public spending decisions.

Thank you Ruke and thank you everyone. Please continue to make your country more beautiful.