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Remarks for the opening of a BOLD Workshop on Economic Development

March 15, 2021

BOLD Infographic

Dobro jutro članovima Programa BOLD! And congratulations on being selected for our second BOLD Action Workshop on Economic Development.  I am sorry I can’t be there with you but I want you to know that I applaud your ideas!  They are what has  qualified you for this workshop and we look forward to seeing you bring them to fruition.  Thank you for your willingness to come together and try to make a positive difference in your communities and your local economy.

I want to thank our great partners at Impakt Investment Foundation for planning this whole event.  This week is going to be an intensive introduction to entrepreneurship, filled with skill-building, learning from other entrepreneurial leaders, and networking.  It’s going to be inspiring, a lot of work, and also a lot of fun. I hope you will all give 100% to it so that you can get as much from it as possible.

This is why we created BOLD – to give you the support you need to take the initiative to start something new in your community.  BOLD Action workshops are about actual action.  This workshop will help you work out the kinks in your idea for a business so that you can actually start it up or give your already existing business a needed boost.

It will also give you about 30 other people to run your ideas by, get advice from, and help you troubleshoot along the way.  The support of that network and the rest of the BOLD network will be a resource you can use for years to come.

Entrepreneurship is a challenge and involves a certain amount of risk no matter where you are.  BiH is no exception.  In fact, what you mostly hear is the narrative that it’s too hard to find a job here or impossible to start your own business.  But you and the people talking with you in this workshop are proof that that is not true.  It can and does happen and we want to increase the number of people who try.

Congratulations on being in that group!  Želim vam sreću s vašim planovima i ugodno provedeno vrijeme tokom radionice .