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Security Message Announcing Potential Repatriation
April 4, 2020

Health Alert: U.S. Embassy Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (release date: April 4, 2020)

Location: Bosnia and Herzegovina

Event: Commercial Flight out of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The U.S. Embassy has arranged for U.S. citizens to purchase seats on a chartered flight leaving from Sarajevo International Airport to U.S. destinations via to London Heathrow Airport. The departure date and time is tentatively planned for this Thursday, April 9, 2020.

Ticket purchases are managed by Globtour, the same agency that handles all U.S. government travel from Sarajevo. If you are interested in purchasing a ticket you must contact their team directly to book these flights:

  • by email: Embassy.Travel@globtour.ba
  • by phone: +387-62-749-408 or +387-62-330-826
  • These numbers are also reachable through Viber or WhatsApp

Flight details are subject to change. As you know, many flights around the world are being suspended, canceled, or are changed. Globtour can arrange for subsequent travel from London to United States ports of entry and arrange for your luggage to be checked through all scheduled flights.

These are not U.S. government operated or funded flights. You will be responsible for all costs (air fare, lodging, local transportation) associated with this trip.

Important factors

  • Passengers may not remain overnight in the terminal; same-day onward travel is required.
    • The flight from Sarajevo will arrive too late to make all U.S. connections.
    • Onward travel to the United States will need to be from London to either New York (JFK) or Dulles Airport in Washington, DC (IAD).
  • Passengers are required to have a verifiable proof of your onward air travel or UK residency prior to boarding.
  • Destitute U.S. citizens who wish to take advantage of this flight but lack means to do so should email SarajevoACS@state.gov.

It is unlikely that additional flights will be available. If you need to leave Bosnia and Herzegovina, consider booking this flight now.

Once you have booked a flight with GlobTour, please inform the U.S. Embassy at SarajevoACS@state.gov. This is very important and will help us facilitate your arrival to the airport during this time of restricted travel.

Additional Actions to Take:


AQs for Commercial Flight (09-Apr-2020)

1. How did this happen?
a. The U.S. Embassy worked hard to find a company who could arrange for a flight out of the Sarajevo airport after it closed.
b. Globtour Event, the travel agency that supports us for all U.S. government travel out of Bosnia and Herzegovina offered to help.
c. They have arranged for a Montenegrin Airlines flight to stop in Sarajevo on its way from Podgorica, MTG, to London, UK.

2. How do I find out about available seating?
a. As Globtour Events has arranged this commercial flight, you should contact them for information about ticketing and seating.
b. Email (Embassy.Travel@globtour.ba), phone: (+387-62-749-408) or (+387-62-330-826). These numbers are also reachable through Viber or WhatsApp

3. How much will it cost?
a. Globtour Event has chartered this flight at a fixed price for the travel.
b. That cost is divided amongst the ticketed passengers. The more passengers, the lower individual cost per seat.
c. The initial estimate given by Globtour Event was approximately 550 euros per ticket for the Sarajevo to London flight.

4. If this flight only goes to London, how to I get to the United States?
a. Travelers will need to purchase an additional ticket from London or demonstrate UK residency.
b. The easiest way to get from London to a U.S. destination is through Globtour Event when you make your initial purchase of the ticket from Sarajevo.
c. Due to travel restrictions, the only available U.S. destinations from London Heathrow are either New York (JFK) or Dulles Airport Washington, DC (IAD).

5. Are there any flight restrictions?
a. Baggage: Passengers will only be allowed to travel with one checked bag and one small carry-on. The weight of the checked bag is no more than 50 lbs.
b. Onward travel or UK Residency required: Prior to boarding all passengers must provide proof of either their onward airline ticket for subsequent travel to a      U.S. destination or proof of their UK residency.
c. No overnight capacity at Heathrow: As it is not possible to overnight in the terminal and due to a shortage of accommodations at the hotel, passengers must conclude their travel on the same day as arrival.

6. Can I bring a pet?
a. No.

7. Can foreign nationals (even U.S. LPRs) transit the UK without a transit visa?
a. Yes.
b. If the traveler does not pass through UK border control, a transit visa is not needed.
i. Passengers must have travel booked for the same day as arrival
ii. Passengers may not reclaim their own luggage at Heathrow, it must be checked through by the airline to their final destination.
c. Globtour includes both of these provisions in its ticket packages.

8. Can foreign nationals who are U.S. residents (LPRs) book travel to the United States?
a. Yes. LPRs are exempt from the current proclamations that suspend entry to the United States for some foreign nationals.
b. This includes any requirements for transiting the UK enroute to onward destinations.

9. Can foreign nationals with a U.S. visa enter the United States?
a. Maybe. The current proclamations on the suspension of entry do not apply to:
i. foreign spouses of U.S. citizens or LPRS;
ii. foreign parents of unmarried U.S. citizens and LPRs if the unmarried U.S. citizen or LPR is under the age of 21;
iii. foreign siblings of unmarried U.S. citizens and LPRs if the unmarried U.S. citizen or LPR is under the age of 21;
b. Other foreign nationals who are not in one of the above categories are not exempt from the proclamations regarding suspension of entry to the United States.
c. U.S. Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) will enforce this at all ports of entry.
d. Air carriers will ensure that these restrictions are applied.

10. If I cannot afford the price, will the U.S. Embassy/government buy my ticket for me?
a. The U.S. government does have a program for destitute citizens that provides them a loan to cover the costs of travel back to the United States.
b. The approval for this program is at the discretion of the consul and is not guaranteed.

11. If I do not purchase a seat on this flight, when is the next one?
a. There may not be another opportunity like this until international travel returns to normal in the unspecified future. Airlines and airports around the world are reducing services and it is anticipated that this will continue. Opportunities like this may not come again any time soon.

12. Are there going to be any health and safety requirements for passengers?
a. The air carrier requires all passengers to wear a mask and gloves during travel.
b. Anyone who is showing obvious symptoms may be stopped by airport officials
c. Anyone under government mandated quarantine or self-isolation will be ineligible for this flight.