The United States is Not the Enemy; Others Actively Work Against Citizen Interests

The U.S. Embassy in BiH roundly rejects the completely ridiculous conspiracy theories being disseminated by certain politicians and media outlets in their service.  It is shocking that these individuals would stand at a podium and deliver outright lies, especially when their unfounded allegations are so easily disproved.  Such rhetoric is irresponsible, inflammatory, and out of line with democratic norms.  Certain political groups in BiH obviously fear that their illegal and corrupt activities will be investigated and prosecuted.  Instead of focusing on issues of actual importance to the citizens of BiH, their selfish logic is to try to delude citizens by creating false enemies.  The United States will not allow itself to be portrayed as an enemy of the people of BiH when it is clearly others who are actively working against citizens’ interests.  In keeping with our longstanding commitment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and stability and the well-being of its citizens, we will continue to press for measures to build a justice sector to fight terrorism and counter corruption, as well as improve the credibility and transparency of elections, including by calling out electoral fraud when we see it.