Together We Achieve More Contest – Winners


Our sincere thanks to the three hundred students wrote essays and thirty students who created videos responding to the question: “How Can I Help Build a Better Bosnia and Herzegovina?”  We were inspired by your ideas and we encourage all of you to remember what was a key theme in many entries: Change has to begin somewhere and one person can indeed make a difference.  The winning entries below were selected by an Embassy panel as the best examples of students conveying in a powerful manner how they, themselves, can contribute to progress.

Essay Contest Winners

1st place – Marko Smiljanić
Gimnazija Banja Luka
Banja Luka
Read the essay (PDF 130kB)

2nd place – Ahmed Vugdalić
JU Mješovita Srednja Hemijska Škola
Read the essay (PDF 190kB)

3rd – Mirza Jašarspahić
Sarajevo College – Ilidža
Read the essay (PDF 200kB)

Video Contest Winners

1st – Aida Suceska
Srednja Ekonomska škola
Watch the video

2nd – Emerald Pobicanin
Treca Gimnazija
Watch the video

3rd – Ajla Dedic
Una Sana College
Watch the video