Together We Achieve More (Zajedno postižemo više)

Zajedno postižemo višeTwenty years after the Dayton Peace Accords put an end to the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Embassy Sarajevo commemorated the anniversary with a nationwide campaign focused on fostering a shared vision for the country’s future. Branded as “Zajedno Postizemo Vise” (“Together We Achieve More”) the year-long project included a challenge to get 20,000 volunteers to pitch in and improve their communities. The program highlighted the importance of civic activism, launched photo and essay contests, and included a “hackathon” to generate new ideas using technology to overcome lingering problems the country faces.

As part of these activities, the Embassy also created a public outreach campaign with billboards and video messages featuring young people from throughout BiH. These twenty successful, ambitious, and locally engaged young people are the faces of our Zajedno Postizemo Vise public outreach campaign. In their video messages they are brainstorming ways to inspire leadership among their peers in BiH and empower the next generation of citizens to effect meaningful change in their communities.

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