U.S. Mission in BiH Condemns False Accusations About U.S. Government Assistance Programs

Yesterday’s public fabrications by Milorad Dodik are simply untrue.  Once again, the assistance of the people of the United States is being used to support wild conspiracy theories in the interest of election campaigning in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The United States is estimated to have invested nearly two billion dollars in helping the reconstruction and building of democratic institutions in BiH.  The details of our programs are fully transparent and available to the public at usaid.gov/bosnia and ba.usembassy.gov.

In order to ensure transparency and partnership with the government of Bosnia and Herzegovina, USAID has, over the past six months, developed a Framework Agreement with the Council of Ministers to define our future programs to fight corruption.  This is the first step in a process.  The actual details of the program are being negotiated with BiH authorities.  The planned programs are likely to build upon ongoing efforts to fight corruption by automating government systems, improving public procurement, and supporting public oversight of government spending.   As always, the U.S. Government implements our projects in full coordination with local authorities and in accordance with local laws.  Milorad Dodik’s false accusations against a project that aims to counter public corruption should raise questions about his commitment to transparent, effective governance as well as his personal motives, given recent reporting about the extent of his real estate holdings and other assets.

Current U.S. Government programs are focused on supporting the reform processes in the country, boosting economic growth, improving security, and empowering civil society, including an independent media.  We are proud of these programs and the partnerships we have formed with civil society representatives, media outlets, NGOs, and everyday citizens throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.  Attempts to mislead the public and intimidate organizations and individuals dedicated to improving Bosnia and Herzegovina are unacceptable and undemocratic.