U.S. Strongly Rejects Accusation of Election Interferance

The United States has demonstrated our dedication and commitment to the people of BiH over more than two decades, and yet irresponsible actors continue to drag us into conspiracy theories, unfounded accusations, and, bluntly, lies.  During election campaigns, we strongly believe that citizens should have the opportunity to discuss the issues that will determine their and their families’ futures.  The public discourse, however, has been entirely dominated by fear-based rhetoric.  This is unacceptable, and due to this very poisonous atmosphere and repeated attacks, the time has come to speak out.

The U.S. Government and the U.S. Embassy are not the enemies of Bosnia and Herzegovina, its people, or its two entities; we are the friends of every citizen who wants a more positive future for themselves and their families.  The real enemies, as we all know, are corruption, unemployment, poor public services like education and health care, and self-centered politicians who choose not to address these issues but instead try to turn the United States and other friends of BiH into adversaries.  The efforts of politicians immediately prior to elections to blind citizens to their true intentions by ceremoniously opening traffic circles, offering free services in hospitals, and other ostensibly helpful activities are a mockery and insult to citizens in BiH.  It does not stop there – these efforts also range from misusing public funds and dragging war criminals into campaigns to falsely accusing long-standing supporters of Bosnia and Herzegovina of engaging in hostile activities.

We refuse to be a part of this manipulation.

The United States is not interfering in the election process and we strongly reject such appalling accusations.  We do not back one candidate or one party over another.  That said, we do remain deeply committed to supporting credible and transparent elections, and will always call out vote buying, identify theft, and other forms of electoral fraud when we see it.  Such actions are consistent with our long track record of supporting the rule of law and BiH’s sovereignty, territorial integrity, and Euro-Atlantic integration.