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Valuable donation to the BiH’s State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA)
November 10, 2022

Today, the U.S. Embassy’s Regional Security Officer Nicholas Pietrowicz presented $186,000 of computer software and equipment to Bosnia and Herzegovina’s State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA). SIPA Director Darko Culum accepted the donation at SIPA headquarters. This U.S. government donation will improve the capacity of SIPA’s Digital Forensic Unit and Counter Terrorism Unit to rapidly extract and analyze data from electronic devices, mobile devices, and computers anywhere in BiH. This equipment consists of forensic software, computer workstations, field laptop computers, automated data seizure and imaging devices, evidence collection tools, and other instruments. The United States government, through its Antiterrorism Assistance program, provides training for SIPA officers on best practices in digital forensic examinations and specialized cyber-enabled investigations.